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Successful education programs require the support of the District community.  The Board recognizes this support is dependent on the District community's understanding of and participation in the efforts, goals, and programs of the District.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for initiating and administering a continuous program of communication within the community. The Superintendent shall utilize District personnel and media in discharging this responsibility.


In striving to obtain the support of the District community, the Board will:

  • Provide appropriate access to District records;
  • inform the District community of the District's goals, objectives, achievements, and needs;
  • Invite the input of the District community; and,
  • Encourage cooperation between the District and the District community as well as with agencies and organizations to best serve the welfare of the District’s students.







Approved:  April 19, 1999                              Reviewed:   October 13, 2008



Revised: June 10, 2015